Perron038 is the place to be for innovative manufacturing in the east of The Netherlands. In our innovation center in Zwolle, we work together on the future of the high-tech manufacturing industry. Technicians and students get inspired, work together and research and experiment, in order to discover technological innovation. This is done by continuously innovating, learning and inspiring. We produce the future together.


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Together we are stronger, that's why companies and educational institutions join Perron038. To produce the future together. We are building the innovation center for the manufacturing industry in our region. We do this all together: technicians, students, researchers and entrepreneurs.

We connect high-tech companies, educational institutions and research companies to each other. This facilitates innovative projects focused on research and development. Machine builders and technical product developers come together at Perron038. Talent development is key.

We are located directly at the train station of Zwolle, in a beautiful old industrial hall. The hall has been converted into a hypermodern environment where talent can grow, develop and innovate by sharing knowledge and inspiring each other. To (continue to) choose work in technology, to make machines and products smarter and very importantly more sustainable. By learning to innovate faster and better.

Technicians and students work together on joint projects but also on their own innovative projects: demonstrators, prototypes and modules of high-tech machines.
They make use of robotics, IT technology, mechatronics, sensors, additive manufacturing and vision technology. Develop, test and improve. At Perron 038 we continue to innovate, all for the future.

Perron038 - De toekomst maak je samen


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Do you have general questions or are you interested in getting more information about all possibilities at Perron038?

This time affects all of us. Even though health is the number one priority, we want to continue our projects during this time. Continue with innovation and technical development. Besides the fact that technology is just really awesome, it is also important to share knowledge together and work on a future together, whether that is at distance or close by. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding Corona, we are ready to make your visit as safe as we can. For example, we have enough (work) space(s) to keep at least 1,5 meters (about 5 feet) away from each other and we have disinfection stations throughout Perron038. Rather not come to Perron038? Then we can just meet online, right?






Perron038 offers an independent talent development program. We think along with both students and professionals about which company and which career path suits the students’ wishes and ambitions. In collaboration with our partners we offer interesting workshops and masterclasses, in order to develop yourself even more! Furthermore, you might get to know your (future) colleagues.


What can we offer you? Together, we will map out your wishes and ambitions and look into what technical internship or job will suit you the best. If you are going to do an internship through our program, you will participate in a personal development program at the same time. During this program you will work on your soft skills, get to know various technical companies and attend intervision sessions.


Are you looking for your first job, a new step in your career or could you use some advice? With Perron038 you will receive an independent talk, in which we can investigate who you are as a person. We look at what your wishes are, what drives you and what you have in mind in order to develop your skills further. In this way we are able to help you determine the next step in your career and which company within our network suits you best!


When becoming a partner at Perron038, you can easily access future employees and technical talent. We do this as a bridge builder; for example, organising company visits for trainees and bringing students and professionals in contact with your company. We carefully map out the wishes of all students and professionals in order to make sure who fits in which  organization.



At Perron038 we work on various innovation themes. Together we produce the future! We collaborate, research and experiment in order to innovate, learn and inspire.

The collaboration doesn’t only provide an interesting knowledge base for the partners but also applied and current knowledge for students and other SMEs.


Disruptive technologies are gaining ground at a rapid pace. But how can a company make smart and quick decisions? What has potential and what doesn’t suit the manufacturing process? Within this theme, partners work together on methods to develop systematic and modular (machine) designs.


When we say ‘sensing & control’ technology we talk about sensors: an artificial implementation of what we call a sense in biology. At Perron038 we carry out projects and activities together to develop new applications for sensors.

  • Vision technology
  • Low-cost mass volume sensor technologies
  • Sustainable sensor technologies
  • Object recognition


By developing a data-driven machine programmed with some aspects of human intelligence, a new form of production intelligence is created. The balance between man and machine is the starting point for this theme. In order to learn more about data driven production we conduct research and activities.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Data organization and structuring
  • Human Machine Interface design



Workshops & talks

at perron038

On a regular basis, we organize inspiring talks and workshops about the future of technology. Are you interested in attending an event or would you like to organize an event yourself in the technology field? We’ve got amazing spaces for any event at Perron038. Whether bringing inspiration to your next meeting, or boosting everyone’s productivity level, Perron038 is the center of innovation in the technology field. There’s no better place than Perron038 to organize your tech event.

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By working together, Innovative manufacturing companies, private equity firms and various educational institutions make Perron038 possible.

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