A day at Perron038 with René van de Meeberg

Rene, projectmanager bij Tricas, rookt een zalm op de parkeerplaats.

One of the partners at Perron038 has – literally – a special position. The company TRICAS is based in our premises! One of the known faces is project manager René van de Meeberg. He takes us through his working day. René: “As a project manager, no day is the same and a bustling environment like this fits in well with that”.

It has been two years since he walked into Perron038 for his first day. From his studies in both mechanical engineering, industrial product design and business administration, he has grown into the role of project manager. He says: “In my role, I facilitate the connection between the customer and the TRICAS team during a project. To do this, I coordinate work and liaise with both the engineers from my team, suppliers and the customer. But I also have the freedom to take on substantive issues. This is how my background in industrial product design comes in handy”.

Juggling tasks

Each of the three project managers at TRICAS is in control for an average of five or six projects. Innovative products are developed for customers in a wide range of industries – from bendable paper straws to a medical spray applicator. René: “The phases of the different projects intertwine, which makes the work diverse and challenging. Because my job is to monitor and discuss progress. Together with the specialists, I keep the customer informed of developments. I monitor the plans, present to the client and provide internal updates. I also record everything well in reports.”

Changing seats

A regular item during his work day is the TRICAS team lunch. “It’s a nice time to catch up with various colleagues. We have an unwritten rule that to change seats every day, which ensures you to keep in touch with all colleagues. I find the connection on a personal level with my 20 colleagues very valuable,” says René. This is evident from his birthday treat this year: he arranged a real salmon smoking party for his colleagues! He also gets excited by the projects at Perron038 and the knowledge events in which TRICAS regularly contributes. “I see a lot of potential to work together even more. In the entire Spoorzone, where gradually more and more companies and initiatives are establishing themselves. We had a first edition of a joint project management course with AWL, Tembo, Windesheim and TRICAS last year. The dialogue held there was instructive and useful”.

Whistling & biking

But what he loves most about his work at TRICAS are the moments when a conceived product innovation becomes a reality. René: “Everyone in the team has his or her own input and creativity. This enables us to come up with solutions together that we cannot always imagine beforehand. The moment a test is carried out and it works, that’s what I find cool. Sometimes it’s a product, sometimes a principle. But always concrete solutions that make our customers happy. Then you see and hear me whistling as I get on my bike home.”

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