Perron038 introduces Robotics & Logistics Lab

Robotics event op Perron038, zaal met mensen

At Perron038, companies from the region are building a factory of the future together. A machine and production facility where companies, students and researchers work together. To inspire, to learn and ‘to test before investing’. Besides the construction of the factory, work is also underway on the Perron038 Academy: in which training and courses will be offered to actually learn to work with the technology in the factory.

Not an individual robot or machine, but a fully equipped factory consisting of five technology labs. Each of the labs focuses on a specific technology. Joost Sterenborg, director at Perron038, explains: “From vision technology, robotics and 3D metal printing to artificial intelligence and data learning. Each lab can be used or rented individually, but is part of a whole – data-driven – factory concept. That makes this facility unique of its kind.” On Wednesday 8 March, he and lab leader Wilbert van de Ridder of AWL-Techniek introduced the Robotics & Logistics Lab.

Wilbert van de Ridder: “Robotisation is not new, but the possibilities and applications of robots are developing every day. This is why we are realising this lab at Perron038, where companies can test with robot technology. The logistics aspect of this is mainly about movements within a production process and the data that needs to come together from different machines and devices. Often, machine builders and manufacturing companies have optimised their processes with lean, researched and tested robotisation or automated part of production. But to remain competitive, it is imperative that we start bridging to integral robotisation and move towards smart industry/industry 4.0.”

In a presentation, Paul-Jan Baerends of Mitsubishi took the visitors present through their experience in applying robotic cells in five steps. In doing so, he emphasised the importance of the finish and verify phases, which he said are the value-added processes. Next, Roelof Jonkers of Zehnder talked about their automation issue and the importance of communication with people on the shop floor. Then the floor was given to Rik Grasmeijer of the Fieldlab Industrial Robotics. He provided the introduction to the Integral Robotisation course, which is currently being developed by the Fieldlab IR. A course for everyone involved in robotisation, both operators involved in processes on a daily basis, as well as product developers and engineers. The afternoon ended with propositions to discuss with each other.

Robotics event op Perron038, zaal met mensen   Robotics event op Perron038, zaal met mensen   Robotics event op Perron038, zaal met mensen

Several introductory sessions about the Factory of the Future will be organised at Perron038 and the first Academy events will take place in the near future. Do you want to be there? Keep an eye on our agenda.

The activities in the Perron038 Academy are supported by the Province of Overijssel.

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With the realisation of the Factory of the Future, Perron038 is able to help the manufacturing industry in (East) Netherlands answer their digitisation or specific issues, through demonstrations, workshops and specific training courses. But the facility will also be made available to students and educational institutions. The facility will require a substantial investment from Perron038 and its partners and will be complemented by a REACT-EU grant from the European Social Fund.


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