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Afbeelding van het project BRAINS op Perron038

Project BRAINS: Applying Artificial Intelligence in new manufacturing solutions

Companies in the manufacturing industry agree that using Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide competitive advantages. And yet only ...
Robotcellen van AWL die in de fabriek van Perron038 komen

Introduction of our Robotics & Logistics Lab

Robotisation: automating physical work performed by humans. Robots, cobots and AMRs (automated mobile robots) can be found in ...
De HAAS CNC machine op Perron038, met Meltio 3D printkop, tijdens de training gegeven door de leverancier.

Introduction of our Additive Manufacturing Lab

Additive manufacturing: the process of building a model layer by layer from a 3D design (or CAD data). ...
Pieter Bos tijdens zijn afstudeerpresentatie

From internship to job: Pieter gives 4 tips to students

As a graduation project at Tolsma-Grisnich, Pieter Bos developed a measuring unit that accurately measures the temperature of ...
Robotics event op Perron038, zaal met mensen

Perron038 introduces Robotics & Logistics Lab

At Perron038, companies from the region are building a factory of the future together. A machine and production ...
Rene, projectmanager bij Tricas, rookt een zalm op de parkeerplaats.

A day at Perron038 with René van de Meeberg

One of the partners at Perron038 has - literally - a special position. The company TRICAS is based ...
Associate Lector Geert Heideman

Perron038 introduces Additive Manufacturing Lab

What is currently an event space, will be our high-tech factory of the future next year. At Perron038, ...
Nieuwe 3D printer op Perron038

A boost for practice-based research

Windesheim acquires latest-generation 3D metal printer Windesheim is once again investing in cutting-edge technology and installing a new ...
SPRONG subsidie toegekend aan onderzoeksgroep

Industrial Additive Manufacturing Metal: implementing a key technology 

3D metal printing opens up opportunities for new economic activities worldwide. The key technology offers diverse techniques, which ...
Joost Sterenborg de nieuwe managing director op Perron038

Perron038 welcomes new Managing Director in 2023

In October, Perron038 announced the search for a new managing director at Perron038. Good news: from 1 February, ...

Perron038 introduces Flex Factory of the Future lab

It is now an event space, but next year it will be a high-tech factory of the future. ...

A day at Perron038 with Aart Schoonderbeek

If you visit Perron038, you will meet associate lecturer Aart Schoonderbeek. Aart works for the Digital Business & ...
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