A boost for practice-based research

Nieuwe 3D printer op Perron038

Windesheim acquires latest-generation 3D metal printer

Windesheim is once again investing in cutting-edge technology and installing a new 3D metal printer at Perron038. GE Additive’s M2 Series 5 replaces the EOS M400, which was installed in 2020. An investment in and boost to our hands-on research into this key technology and a powerful signal at the kick-off of the SPRONG Industrial Additive Manufacturing Metal (IAMM) project.

The professorship on Additive Manufacturing at Windesheim University of Applied Sciences has been conducting practical research into Additive Manufacturing technologies, such as 3D metal printing, for quite a few years. Through this innovative research, the professorship develops knowledge, methodologies and tools for industrial partners to implement 3D printing in their production processes. In addition – and just as important – is the fact that this research fully contributes to training the engineers of the future.

Benefits of research

Practice-based research is not the only factor contributing to the success and impact of our research projects on industry. Through the research, the lectorate gives its partners access to necessary equipment and tools. Think of software packages for “Design for AM”, post-processing and also testing facilities. This allows all project partners to directly test and apply the knowledge, methodologies and tools in practice. With the installation of this latest generation of GE Additive, the M2 Series 5 powder bed printer (Concept Laser), we are expanding this ecosystem and creating new technological opportunities for research, education and industry.

SPRONG research project Industrial Additive Manufacturing Metal (IAMM)

Together with the Saxion and Fontys universities of applied sciences, the Professorship of Plastics Technology forms the SPRONG group IAMM as the leader. The aim of this project is to set up a knowledge infrastructure and test facilities for the whole of the Netherlands in the field of metal printing over the next four years. This infrastructure will open the doors for companies towards research and education, with the ultimate goal of opening up this key technology to the whole of the Netherlands. With the arrival of the new 3D metal printer, we are further expanding the technological possibilities within the SPRONG Group’s machine park.

The M2 Series 5 3D metal printer

GE Additive’s M2 3D metal printer is the first M2 Series 5 in the Netherlands and is designed to produce functional, fine-mechanical 3D end products from metal powders for medical applications. But it can also produce aerospace products, in line with the very highest requirements. The M2 is equipped with high-quality sensor and measurement technologies that comply with the latest explosion and fire regulations. As a result, the M2 offers a high level of safety. The machine will be used primarily for aluminium printing, although there is a much wider range of possibilities.

Researchers operate the metal 3d printer


In GE Additive, Windesheim has found a supplier as well as a knowledge partner that has invested enormously in the further development of its powder bed machines in recent years. Access to this knowledge base for users is an important factor in further knowledge building and implementation of this AM technology. Landré leverde de machine en speelde als distributeur van GE Additive in Nederlannd een actieve rol bij de realisatie ervan. Logischerwijs is Landré dan ook als partner betrokken in het SPRONG-initiatief IAMM.

“Landré added Additive Manufacturing to its product portfolio more than 10 years ago based on the belief that this technology will play an important role in the manufacturing industry. The 5th generation of the M2 delivers uniform and consistent build quality both build2build and machine2machine. This allows research results to be implemented immediately by companies and also enables rapid scaling up of AM production,” said Jan Floor van Egmond, Landré director.

The location of the new machine is Perron038. More new AM technologies will be installed at Perron038 in the coming months, making the location a seamless fit with the ambitions of Windesheim, the region and the SPRONG Group.

Want to know more?

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