Perron038 introduces Flex Factory of the Future lab


It is now an event space, but next year it will be a high-tech factory of the future. At Perron038, companies from the region are building a factory of the future together. A machine and production facility where companies, students and researchers will work together. To inspire, learn and ‘test before investing’.

Not an individual robot or machine, but a fully equiped factory consisting of five technology labs. Each of the labs focuses on a specific technology. Project leader Marco van Wijngaarden explains: “Think, for example, of vision technology, robotics or 3D metal printing. Each setup can be used individually, but is part of a whole – data-driven – factory concept. That is precisely what makes this innovation facility unique.” Van Wijngaarden is involved in the project from his role as Consultant Smart Industry at Hollander Techniek betrokken bij het project. On Wednesday 7 December, the first lab, Flex Factory of the Future, was introduced.

Evert Bluemink, Smart Industry department head at Hollander Techniek opened the event with a presentation on digital transformation and the need for digitalisation to innovate. His colleague Marco van Wijngaarden elaborated on IT architecture and the importance of comprehensively designing and mapping information and data flows. Software engineer Brent Dekker closed with a presentation on the possibilities of Digital Twin, giving appealing practical examples.

The visitors shared their questions and feedback on the plans for the construction of the plant. For instance, attention was drawn to design and engineering as part of a production process. The subject of data was also touched upon: how to ensure sufficient data to actually run tests in the factory later on. All in all, reactions to the plans are positive and both visitors from industry and education are looking forward to using the facility from next year.

We asked teacher Lubbert Schenk what insights he brings to his working environment:

Lubbert Schenk, docent bij Deltion College

✅ Digital Twin is interesting not only for industry, but also within education. By simulating theory and methods in different conditions or with different brands of robots, you can offer more comprehensive education. With this insight, he plans to further expand the simulation software he now uses within his classes.
✅ The five labs that will be in the Factory of the Future at Perron038 operate individually, but are linked to each other. This offers the possibility to carry out several (partial) studies or projects simultaneously, but without losing sight of the overall picture. According to Lubbert, a unique opportunity for student projects together with companies.

Several introduction sessions on the Factory of the Future will be organised at Perron038 in the near future. Would you like to be one of them? Keep an eye on agenda.



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