Perron038 welcomes new Managing Director in 2023

Joost Sterenborg de nieuwe managing director op Perron038

In October, Perron038 announced the search for a new managing director at Perron038. Good news: from 1 February, we welcome Joost Sterenborg to the team! He will meet everyone in the new year, but in this post he introduces himself in advance.

Joost:When I first came to Perron038 a few years ago, their vision and the atmosphere immediately appealed to me. I therefore see it as a fantastic opportunity to lead Perron038 to the next phase and to establish the factory of the future together with everyone who is involved.

I have background in (technical) business and have experience in various sectors, mostly in the field of strategy development, business development and innovation management. In recent years, I worked at Aebi Schmidt in Holten, where I worked on the further roll-out of the servitisation strategy for both the Netherlands and the entire holding company.

From February on, I can be found at Perron038! I am looking forward to working with the enthusiastic and driven team and producing the future with all the companies, employees and students.

Arend van der Sluis, one of the founders of Perron038, on behalf of the board:

“We are proud to strengthen our team with Joost. We are entering an important next phase with Perron038 and we see in Joost the perfect match to start writing a beautiful next chapter in the already exciting book so far, together with colleagues, board and partners of Perron038!”


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