Project BRAINS: Applying Artificial Intelligence in new manufacturing solutions

Afbeelding van het project BRAINS op Perron038

Companies in the manufacturing industry agree that using Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide competitive advantages. And yet only a small proportion of companies apply it. The potential is great: research shows that manufacturing produces the largest amount of data compared to other sectors. Yet in many cases, this data does not get beyond being stored on a server. Reason enough for a new R&D project at Perron038: BRAINS. Over the next two years, seven partners will work together to develop concrete data and AI applications to enable smarter and more efficient production.

Unlock the AI potential

Research firm Deloitte estimates that the global market for AI in manufacturing will exceed $820 billion by 2025. Clearly great potential. But actually applying it is less straightforward than in other sectors such as finance and healthcare. Complex manufacturing processes require new ways of thinking and innovative ways of applying data-learning. This brings Perron038 and partners to the goal of project BRAINS: to harness the potential of AI and jointly develop new AI applications for production processes.

From complex to precice

BRAINS is a joint research and development project in which seven organisations are joining forces. By combining the experience and strengths of different companies, knowledge and skills are gained in an efficient way. Six use cases* are being worked on, each with a concrete issue from a company. Instead of one company trying all possible solutions, the company can use the experience and knowledge of other companies. Together, the possible solutions are listed and considered from different perspectives. The end goal? Qualitative and concrete data and AI solutions that are directly applicable in production processes.

The six use cases focus, among other things, on automation of the production process, minimisation of rejects (adaptive process), in-line quality control and optimisation of 3D printing processes. The project is designed so that participating companies focus on their own innovation, but at the same time benefit from joint research. The project follows up the successfully completed PRISMA project.

*What is a use case? Use cases are methods and processes used to assess and analyse systems, such as software platforms. Use cases are conducted to help define, interpret and organise the various requirements, functions and uses of systems. For example, a university developing new software for students to electronically register for classes may use use cases to show how the system should ideally work and brainstorm potential misuse, problems or failures.

Want to benefit from this project?

During the project, Perron038 organises events to share knowledge about the process and the developed applications with companies from the regional manufacturing industry. In addition, various online publications will be posted about the progress. Companies are cordially invited to learn about the possibilities of AI already during the project.

Project partners

In this project, seven partners are pulling together: Tembo, AWL-Techniek, Zuidberg, Bond3D, Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, FIP-AM@UT and Perron038.

Thanks to the European Union

BRAINS is made possible in part by a contribution from the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union.


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