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Unique in The Netherlands:

High-end test facility

A smart factory is more than just high-tech machinery. It is a sum. Of digitisation and data collection. Efficient processes. Intelligent connections and communication. And people making the difference. But where do you start if you want to get your factory ready for the future? You will find out at Perron038!

A place where you gain inspiration. Expand your knowledge. And where you can actually test new technology. That is the Factory of the Future at Perron038. A facility with five different labs that you and your organisation can make use of.

Would you like to get started with 3D metal printing, artificial intelligence, vision & optics, robotics & logistics or flex factory of the future? Or would you like more information? Check below which machines are available and contact us!

Get inspired during a shopfloor tour or demonstration

Attend a training or workshop

Test before invest

Conduct a research project

Teach at our factory


Find out which machines you can use:

Additive Manufacturing Lab

Titomic Cold Spray 3D printer
Klaar voor gebruik
GE Additive M2 Series 5
Beschikbaar voor gebruik
De MiniFactory Ultra 2 3D printer
Klaar voor gebruik
Haas CNC met Meltio 3D-printing
Klaar voor gebruik

Artificial intelligence lab

Tembo Genesis
Klaar voor gebruik
VR en AR brillen
Klaar voor gebruik
Beckhoff Neural Network Inference Engine
Klaar voor gebruik

Vision & optics lab

Specim FX10E Spectral Camera
Klaar voor gebruik
Specim SWIR Spectral Camera
Klaar voor gebruik
De ATOS Q 3D-scanner
Beschikbaar voor gebruik

Flex factory of the future lab

Digital Twin van de Fabriek
Klaar voor gebruik

robotics & logistics lab

Robotic Assemly Cell
Klaar voor gebruik
Robotic Logistic cell
Klaar voor gebruik
Transport systeem
Klaar voor gebruik

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