Perron038 Partnerday

Perron038 Partnerday

How do we keep the objectives of Perron038 top-of-mind? And what do we expect from each other as partners in this? These two questions were central during the half-yearly partner day. The afternoon was kicked off by Marius with an update on Perron038 and a glimpse of the coming year. Then the stage was set for speaker Wiebe Wakker, sustainable adventurer, who took those present on a journey around the world in an electric car. It was a successful afternoon, which provided a great deal of input and which meant that we could finally meet physically again.

Perron038 grows!

Not only in number of partners but also physically. We have not yet outgrown our facilities, but an important point of attention for the coming year is the smart layout of our location and the expansion of the shared facility. A team of people involved is working hard on the design and realisation of a physical ‘Factory of the Future’. In the coming year, the Vision event space will be transformed into a shared facility with five different labs. These labs each consist of a part of a production process, equipped with the latest technologies. The labs are used to inspire students, teachers and companies, but also to conduct concrete research and tests. Both by partner companies and by other companies from the region.

Successful projects

In the past quarter, both the project PRISMA as the  AMBITION-Zwolle project were successfully completed with great results. This leaves us wanting more! Follow-up projects are being initiated and worked out in the fields of Vision Technology and Additive Manufacturing (3D metal printing).

To the end of the world in an electric car

He left in 2016 and reached his final destination in 2019: adventurer Wiebe Wakker. During the Perron038 partner day, he shared his experiences, biggest challenges and most important lessons. “Alone you will get far, but together you will get much further!” A message that certainly struck a chord at Perron038 and provided inspiration for the continuation of the partner day. Together with all our partners, we brainstormed about the future of our initiative and the role that each of us plays in it. A pleasant day with good input to work with.


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