Collaboration between art, region and the manufacturing industry in Zwolle

Tentoonstelling ArtEZ op Perron038

ArtEZ University of the Arts, Cibap, Museum de Fundatie, NS and the municipality of Zwolle are investigating the financial and organisational feasibility of establishing themselves in the innovation district in Spoorzone Zwolle. The sites in question are District Z and NS’ Werkplaatsen. The five parties want to help develop this area into an innovation district; a creative and innovative hotspot with a mix of functions such as working, education, cultural facilities and catering. Perron038 as an established resident in the Spoorzone is looking forward to the development and welcomes ArtEZ as a partner.

The partnership between ArtEZ and Perron038 does not come out of the blue. In 2021 and 2022, Perron038 was already one of the venues of the PROTO Art & Design Expo. A 16-day Art & Design event in which talented graduating MBO and HBO students – from ArtEZ and elsewhere – and professionals in art and design showed their work. For over two weeks and spread across various locations in Zwolle, you could visit exhibitions, workshops, lectures and other festivities. In addition, the PROTO Festival took place on 24 and 25 June in the Spoorzone Zwolle; a real in-house knowledge festival with an inspiring programme on ICT/e-commerce, manufacturing, creative industry and climate adaptation and smart-sustainable living.

The activities taste like more and are therefore reason for ArtEZ to join Perron038. “We would like to be in a meaningful place in the city where our academies, the Conservatoire, the Academy of Art & Design Zwolle, the Theatre Teacher Training programme and the masters in Interior Architecture, and Art Education can collaborate interdisciplinarily with each other and the partners in the Spoorzone. This would give our education new space for crossovers between the programmes and in connection with society,” indicates Maarten Bremer, member of ArtEZ’s Executive Board. In anticipation of developments, the partnership with Perron038 offers the opportunity to further develop activities in the Spoorzone.

ArtEZ organises No University Manifestation

One such activity is scheduled for September 2022. The two-day No University Manifestation NEXT GENERATION is organised by No University – Center for Advanced Studies (NU), an experimental research project in which there is a search for a new form of higher education that contributes to a sustainable, just and resilient society. The NEXT GENERATION event is the first of many. Cooperation with the Zwolle region is central, and each manifestation will focus on an economic, social or political issue facing Zwolle. This manifestation is organised in close cooperation with the Municipality of Zwolle, department of culture, climate and adaptation and circular economy, climate campus and ArtEZ.

Collaboration between art, the region and the manufacturing industry in Zwolle

The location was not chosen at random. Since this year, ArtEZ has been a partner of Perron038. Curious about the cooperation, the objective, and what is being realised? Keep an eye on our website and social media channels.


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