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Outside sessions during PROTO knowledge festival

A sixteen-day Art & Design event at which talented graduating MBO and HBO students and professionals in art and design showed their work. For more than two weeks, spread over various locations in Zwolle, there were exhibitions, workshops, lectures and other festivities. In addition, on 24 and 25 June the PROTO knowledge Festival will take place in the Spoorzone Zwolle; a real own knowledge festival with an inspiring programme on ICT/e-commerce, manufacturing, creative industry, climate adaptation and smart-sustainable living. With Perron038 as inspiring event location. 

In 2021, Perron038 already hosted the PROTO Art & Design festival and it tasted like more. This year, the event was extended with a Knowledge Festival and an Open Day in the railway zone of Zwolle. For two days, hundreds of companies and residents from the region visited the grounds of Perron038. With a programme for everyone. In addition to our event spaces, the courtyard of Perron038 was transformed into a festival area. A beautiful location where, besides the knowledge festival, also Hooked Festival, Landstede Fashion Forward Modeshow and a team-event of our founding partner Tembo.

Knowledge festival and launch Perron038 Academy

Friday 24 June was marked by the PROTO Knowledge Festival. A special programme for creative professionals, entrepreneurs, students and teachers with inspiring speakers around the themes that are central to the Zwolle railway zone: ICT/e-commerce, manufacturing, creative industry and, fourthly, climate adaptation and smart-sustainable living. We look back on a successful event with inspiring knowledge sessions and lectures and many enthusiastic visitors. One of the highlights was the launch of the Perron038 Academy.

Within the Perron038 Academy, we will be organising lectures, master classes and training courses from this autumn onwards. But also expert sessions for students and the Summerschool. During these activities, we share knowledge and experience and bring companies in the manufacturing industry together. With the Technology label, we focus on technicians and the Essentials are also intended for other departments within technical companies. Because in order to innovate successfully, involvement from the entire organisation is essential.

Are you stupid if you don’t do anything with Smart Industry yet?

During the launch, Bram de Vrught from QING Groep an inspiring session. In his interactive presentation, he shared his vision of the challenges surrounding smart industry. Getting started with new technology can feel tricky and risky and to succeed you need support. Therefore, Bram shared experiences and use cases from different sectors to learn from.

Because images say more than words:

Puzzelboek Academy


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