A day at Perron038 with teacher Bart Snijder

Docent Bart Snijder

Electrical engineering lecturer on the Windesheim campus in Zwolle or working at Perron038. These are two options in Bart Snijder’s workweek. One day a week, he can be found at Perron038.

For this, he takes the train from Steenwijk. Half past seven, the door is open for him to get to work. He says: “I am lent to Perron038 for a day to do research as a teacher and to guide students with their projects”. When he enters, first of all, the coffee machine turns on for a good ‘cheap’ cup of coffee.

Getting started…

From a large organisation like Windesheim to a smaller but vibrant environment of techies at Perron038. Bart: “Supervising students here is done in a different way than at Windesheim. For me, it feels like a kind of playground where I can supervise students in practice. The people here are bursting with spontaneity and everyone is ready to help each other.” Perron038 allows Bart to come up with out-of-the-box solutions.

Unique workplace

For Bart, this workplace is the ideal outlet for all his technical ideas. A fun environment where there is always something happening. “The organisation is very flexible and you are always listened to. What you do is appreciated. People here are doing things they enjoy and can take a hands-on approach.” While working at Perron038, Bart has been able to see all kinds of technical developments and learn new things in the process.

He also finds it a place with many peculiarities. Among other things, because there are almost no breaks when people are not playing table tennis. Besides hard and hands-on work (Bart himself is still learning every day), there is also room for relaxation at Perron038.

To conclude

At the end of an eventful working day, the plug goes off the computer. After a round of ‘slack talk’, he goes over the final points with other teachers. Finally, he greets everyone and walks to the train. Bart: “There is not a day that I go home feeling bad!”


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