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Interns TRICAS

They have experienced every TRICAS project for the past six months: students Jesse and Meliz. And that is exactly what they were looking for. An internship where product design and development is really put into practice. “At TRICAS, people both design and realise products; we can learn a lot from that,” Jesse says.

From Delft back to Zwolle

After his bachelor Industrial Product Design (IPO), Jesse Kamp chose a master Integrated Product Design at TU Delft. “This technical master focuses on the realisation of products. A logical choice for me because I like to work with my hands. The study is not only about strategy and planning, but also about making technology tangible. Because of the online education, he moved back to his hometown of Zwolle. In his search for an internship, he ended up at TRICAS terecht.

Jesse continues: “The cool thing about TRICAS is that it is a multidisciplinary agency. Many agencies focus solely on the concept and visual design or on production. TRICAS does both. The team consists of product designers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers. With so many disciplines, there is an enormous amount of knowledge in house, and that was an important motivation for me to start working here.”  

Customer demand counts

That diversity also appealed to IPO student Meliz Klink. “A company comes to tricas with a plan or research question. Designing from the customer’s point of view in the technical sector really appealed to me. At TRICAS I was given the freedom and opportunity to investigate whether this way of working suits me.” 

How did Meliz go about it? “We deliberately do not work on one specific assignment, but on several at once. This also applies to the other colleagues. Depending on your own interests, you work on short or longer projects: pick and choose. It’s very cool to have this opportunity as a trainee! Meliz put her own learning goals on the table and was involved in various projects by colleagues. “I really feel part of the team.”

Product design in practice

The working environment of TRICAS, located at Perron038, also appeals to the students. “The working environment is unique and beautiful. The practical possibilities are ideal: there are workshops where you can get to work straight away.” says Meliz. Both interns also take part in the Stagehub meetings, organised by Perron038. Jesse: “That brings the students at Perron038 closer together. You share with each other what you are working on.

The next step

Meanwhile the internship period is coming to an end and the interns are ready for their next step. Jesse is going to work at Pan Oston in Raalte, a company that builds self check-out systems for retail. His research will focus on the impact of innovative technologies on Pan Oston’s systems. Jesse: “I am looking forward to it and am curious what it will be like to work for a company that produces its own products. I consciously choose a company here in the region. It is often said – especially in Delft – that you have to stay in the Randstad for cool jobs. But at Perron038 you see that this region has a lot to offer! 

Meliz is going to graduate at Nijha, producer of sports and games equipment, in Lochem. Meliz: “It is a conscious choice for me, after this internship within a design agency, where you do projects commissioned by another company, to go to a company that designs, produces and sells in house. I am curious about the differences. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given at TRICAS and I will miss the sociability and collegiality.” 

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