One of the students who conducted research within the PRISMA Project last semester is Shekib Hamidi. Commissioned by AWL-Techniek, he investigated how 3D laser triangulation can be used for quality control of an object.
Shekib: “Within this research I have not only learned about laser scanning but by the degree of independence and guidance from AWL and Windesheim I have gained a major boost to my personal development and self-confidence”

Laser scanning for quality control

For the PRISMA project, AWL made sure a laser scanner was available at Perron038 which Shekib used to conduct his research. The entire learning process was followed: from connecting and commissioning the scanner to making test setups including software, a cobot and robot. In the test setups, the laser scanner was used for quality control of various welded objects on surface and geometric aspects.

“I’ve produced a research report that answers a number of questions. Is it applicable to use laser technology for automation? Which additional technologies can be used with the laser scanner? This report gives AWL insights into the possibilities but also into the underlying data on which the results are based. My report covers the aspects that you need to consider if you want to apply the laser scanner within the industry.”

The appeal of lasers

Student Shekib

“As a child I watched Star Wars and dreamed of working with robots and lasers. It’s so cool that I can now really get to work with laser techniques and robots” says Shekib. When the opportunity came, there was no hesitation at all. This internship assignment fitted in seamlessly with his study at Windesheim and his minor in Industrial Automation and Robotisation. “It was a very independent project, in which I worked together with experienced engineers. New, but exciting in the beginning! Since it is a new technology for all of us, it was my responsibility to ask the right questions and choose the right direction. I learned a lot from having this responsibility. I was given the freedom to experiment, with trial and error but feeling equal to my supervisors. As a result, I have been able to take significant steps not only professionally but also personally.”

The power of an hybrid learning environment

According to Shekib, the combination of research-based learning, company-specific issues and a physical environment with the latest technologies is worth its weight in gold. “Perron038 is a fantastic place for students. Knowledge, tools and resources from various educational institutions and businesses are available at Perron038. Furthermore, the confidence in the students to work independently with the partners within Perron038 and the PRISMA project plays a big role. That motivates us and is great to see and experience!”


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