Fraunhofer Innovation Platform

for Advanced Manufacturing


Fraunhofer Innovation Platform

The Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Advanced Manufacturing at the University of Twente, or FIP-AM@UT, as commonly known, is a research centre collaborating with manufacturers to develop innovative, integrated solutions to serve and strengthen the industrial manufacturing community, both locally and nationally. Their focus is on applied research in Advanced Manufacturing.
Their main goal is to produce leading-edge applied research for industrial and public customers and to promote technology transfer through the joint exploitation of results.
As part of their ongoing mission, the FIP-AM@UT plans to strengthen the manufacturing sector and encourage increased adaptability, competitiveness and efficiency, by bringing highly-skilled research engineers and supporting staff to the region.

Fraunhofer Innovation Platform Building



The Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Advanced Manufacturing (FIP-AM@UT) focuses on all aspects of advanced manufacturing. We are a leading R&D facility in the Netherlands and it is important to be connected other leading centers, like Perron038. A collaborative outlook is important to us, because we realise that no single centre can provide all the answers. By working with Perron038, we can assure that the resulting solutions we provide together can be greater than just the sum of the parts.



We will work together with Perron038 on various innovation themes. Teams will be made up from different companies, students, entrepreneurs and researchers. There are various innovation themes in order to innovate, research and experiment.

Additive manufacturing

Digital Twin

Computer-Aided Engineering

Artificial Intelligence

Manufacturing systems

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