Cibap Next

Let’s stay creative and as cognitively flexible as possible. This is quite a challenge for the future! Cibap Next develops training offerings for SMEs and freelancers in the Zwolle area. Creative thinking helps you as an entrepreneur with innovation and renewal. Being creative encourages employees to adopt new and innovative ways of working.

Market demands are the central point within Cibap Next

The mission of Cibap Next is to develop training offerings in collaboration with entrepreneurs, creative professionals and master teachers. Demand from the market is therefore central, in order to realise an offer that meets the needs and wishes of entrepreneurs in the Zwolle area.

Cibap Next collects this question at meet-ups and during inspiration- and knowledge sessions, starts collaborations with Authorised Training institutions and existing business academies in the Zwolle area and hereby. Cibap Next then creates tailor-made training offerings under the guidance of master teachers.

Fast and powerful education

Cibap Next’s training offer is offered flexibly. Employees are able to gain new knowledge in short sessions after working hours. In small groups, with sufficient attention for individual guidance. Short and powerful training in an online and/or offline training project.


Think along or participate?

Do you have any questions about the Cibap Next range, or would you like to develop a range as a cooperation partner? Please contact one of the Cibap Next professionals.

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