Beenen and Perron038 join forces

Beenen and Perron038

The machines and robots at Perron038 in Zwolle are no unknown technologies for Beenen. Beenen is a company focussing on industrial automation. That’s precisely why the system integrator decided to join our innovation center. Patrick Rietman, technical account manager at Beenen: “By working together with other companies in the technology industry in our region, we strengthen our R&D department and are able to prepare other companies for the industry of the future.”

Innovation and looking forward

“To us looking forward in the technological industry and the innovation that takes place at Perron038 is what made us decide to work together. This is exactly what our company is about as well. By working together on new technologies, we can create faster processes in the development of technology.” continues Rietman. According to Rietman, the role of students and education in innovation is essential. “We see that educational organisations are working extremely hard to close the gap between the current educational material and the required knowledge and experience in business. As a company, we play an important role in this. By working together with Perron038 we want to take on the following: introducing current knowledge and experience from the business field into the educational programs.”

Data intelligence, robotics and vision technology

The technologies and themes that Beenen uses to support its customers fit in seamlessly with the projects at Perron038. He continues: “At Beenen we have three main innovations we want to bring over and make a difference with. Technologies such as data intelligence, robotics and vision are also important for the other partners in this industry. We aim to work together with partners in order to translate these innovations into practice. Everyone talks about ‘industry 4.0’, but how is this implemented in working spaces?”

“Back in the days, it was only the specialists who walked through the installations and felt and saw what was actually happening. These specialists are scarce at the moment, therefore it is essential that new technologies are able to perform some of these tasks. The industry is making a move towards a computer-controlled process.” said Rietman. According to Rietman, the strength lies in integrating technology and people in the most efficient way possible. “Getting the younger generation interested and enthusiastic about technology. Perron038 is all about innovation and inspires this target group. Another reason for us to join Perron038!

Perron038 expands

Beenen is the fifteenth partner to join Perron038. The innovation center, established in 2019, is growing rapidly. “By working together with Beenen, the affiliated organisations endorse the common goals we have set. We develop knowledge in the field of the latest production technologies and, more importantly, share this knowledge with each other. Our aim is to connect with technical companies in the east of the Netherlands, in order for all to benefit from the knowledge and experience.” said Marius Woldberg, quartermaster at Perron038. “Our physical location plays an important role in this: the inspiring environment results in more connectivity between companies, students and educational institutions.”

About Beenen

Beenen designs and integrates complete control systems for various industries such as machine building, infrastructure and water technology. Beenen operates not only regionally, but also nationally and internationally. Beenen has locations in Zwolle, Heerenveen and Nijkerk and employs 220 enthusiastic employees that work on integrated automation solutions in order to produce in a smarter, safer and more sustainable way. For many years Beenen has familiarized itself with making connections between electromechanical technology, industrial processes, (control) software, smart products and ultimately smarter companies. Beenen works with a creative solution capacity and an energetic attitude on successful projects made possible by many long-term customer relationships.

Beenen is an independent operating company of Batenburg Techniek


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