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A digital world that simulates how machines and robots function in real-life, is a method that is increasingly used in the manufacturing industry. With the use of a digital twin, a factory or machine is developed, digitally. All functionalities are thought out and tested in order to prevent unexpected errors. At Hollander Techniek, this digital twin is taken to an even higher level. What started as a graduation assignment on simulation has now grown into an innovation project in which various partner companies and students work together. They do this at Perron038; a collaboration between regional companies from the high-tech manufacturing industry. Hollander Techniek signed a partner agreement with Perron038 this summer.

Former electrical engineering trainee Elias graduated in June at Hollander Techniek in the field of Visual Components. A program that makes it possible to test software through a simulation, the basis of a ‘digital twin’. This wasn’t the end of his project as Elias is now employed by Hollander Techniek as a software engineer. Together with a new intern, Avni Can Kasdan, he will continue to work on this promising project. Not only at Hollander Techniek but also at Perron038. Together with the affiliated companies they will work on concrete variants of a ‘digital twin’.

High tides raise all boats 

Evert Bluemink, innovation manager at Hollander Techniek shares his expectations: “We have new technologies, such as digital twin, high on our agenda. That is also the reason we joined Perron038. Perron038 brings companies, students and (future) engineers of companies closer together, creating more innovative power. Instead of each company inventing the wheel itself, you will now do it together. In the end it means better developments and less effort. By reinforcing each other, you become stronger as a cluster, but also as a company itself. In other words: alone you go faster, but together you are able to make leaps forward. Within the digital twin project it is a great advantage that graduate Anvi Can has a large source of information in the form of Perron038. Together we hope to make this project a success.”

The power of Perron038 

Perron038 is the place for innovative manufacturing in the Zwolle area. Students and companies work together on various innovation themes to innovate, learn and get inspired. At Hollander Techniek innovation, collaboration and development are of high importance. It is therefore not surprising that Perron038 and Hollander Techniek have found each other and have recently signed a partner agreement. All partners affiliated with Perron038 also see the power of collaboration and work together on various themes. Not only in the field of new technologies and innovative themes but also in the field of talent development.

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